Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Date with Shinigami-san (✖╭╮✖)

*collapses onto my bed* Os~su....wasn't quite sure if I'd make it all the way home alive tonight. I had the most epic of bus drivers who kept falling asleep behind the wheel and swerving all over the road. So I say...but at the same time I really couldn't find it in me to care ~_~ between this insistent headache and all the stress from my deadlines at school, I seriously didn't have the energy.

Speaking of school....I'm so gonna drop dead before the end of this semester (╥﹏╥), my November is hella bleak with 2 more essays to write and a research project to do and NO time to do them. I've reached the stage where I have so much work to do that I literally can't work.
I haven't even been able to relax properly. I missed my Fashion Friday post for last week and yesterday's Ani-Monday post, and I didn't even get to do my special PMS post because I spent the entire day Sunday writing a fifteen page essay (✖╭╮✖).  *sigh* at least the semester is almost over...
Also, grandma moved in with us yesterday. I was happy, but there was also a sense of foreboding...and yeah she's already started complaing...she's homesick and I can understand that....but....*headache* *sigh*
if I can somehow stuff my spirit back into my body I should be able to mudle through and reach the home free holidays....if not...then I guess I'll have an exotic date with shinigami-san ~~~~

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  1. i know how you feel, i'm in the same plae, so much work i just cant seem to work :( I keep telling myself the best ting to do is to *just* start though :/
    Waiting for that philosophy to work too...