Thursday, October 13, 2011

De-stressing: J-Rock Binge

So after the disturbing Nicki Minaj news I received earlier today I decided to go wash my brain and listen to some J-Rock. I've been a bit out of sync with J-rock for the past couple months due to stuff at home and assignments at uni. I haven't checked up on alot of the bands I like that aren't as popular in a while. Decided to look up Aicle (愛狂います。) today and saw they have too new PVs out, Koutei Penguin and Hirari.

Aicle - Koutei Penguin

Aicle - Hirari

Hirari came out first and between the two, it's the one I prefer. But of course the story doesn't end there...nope...while going video hopping in related vids, I see a Decola Hopping I watch it...not a new vid, pink pirate vid...liked it cuz her band embers were pretty hilarious and cute...but then...then.....I go scrolling through related again...and what do I see? Guess.....Nicki....freaking Minaj! grrrrrr! Again, How the FRICK is it related!!!!!! Felt like stabbing someone with a fork. I literally cried Y^Y. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I actually liked Nicki Minaj, but I don't...I really...dislike...her ~_~. And her outfit in said related vid (yes I clicked on it, the masochist in me made me do it) was suck fail harajuki oshare fashion it was painful to look at. Again I ask, Please, pleaaaaase, let J-rock remain sacred! Don't even let it associate with things like Justin Bieber, and Sean Kingston, and Minaj.... ~sigh~

Moving on........

Sadie's Rosario album came out yesterday and the PV is now out and floating around the net. (squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!)

Sadie - Rosario

<3 <3 <3 I have been waiting for a new Sadie PV for so long, especially because Aki spends so much time hiding from the camera...PVs give me new fangirl material :3. *fangirls* So much rawrness!!!! >/////< Soo....I like Mao's mask in this, reminds me a bit of one Kyo from Dir en Grey used to wear, but its different. Most epic thing in this video? The Nun outfit....I don't Aki-sama in a habit was just the last thing I ever expected...its just too cute ^3^. I must say, Aki-sama had the best nun outfit evar. Later I'm gonna search translations and work on the lyrics for the song ~ Meanwhile I'm replaying it for the fifth time for the afternoon.
Totally happy nao ^_^ gonna browse more vids, find out what SuG's been up to, then head to my Ab Psych class x3

Ja ne!

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