Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Drenched Cat

...You know that saying "Look what the cat dragged in" ?...Well I am the cat...I dragged myself in...drenched and dripping, from school today. Y_Y. Rain chooses the most inopportune times to fall. Namely when the weather forecast is supposed to be dry, and I have no umbrella.

And it doesn't even lightly sprinkle either. No, it pours down, abruptly, in heavy bucket-fulls. And so, for the second time in far too soon, I've arrived at my house soaking wet. ~sigh~ I've resigned myself to a very annoying head cold come morning....

Speaking of dragging myself, that's literally what I spent the day doing, dragging my lazy butt from one place to another searching for a location with enuff decent wireless so I could flop and not do my assignments. It's really sad when youtube videos load at the rate of one second per minute. That's been the general trend at SGU for the past three days Y_Y. You know what that means? No streaming random j-rock vids, no anime, and barely any manga D:. Hopefully over the next few days it gets better.

Despite the epic internet though, I did manage to find one new and pretty awesome song from a band I never knew before. I don't know if you know of We Are the Fallen, but its a band that has some of the old members of Evanescence and, well, they're pretty all right. Here's a MV I found from them, played it over a good number of time too...then d/led it XD.

Gonna search for more music, albums and stuff from then when I have the time....if I remember >///<
Anywhos....time to try to properly dry my hair ~

Ja ne!

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