Tuesday, October 18, 2011

\m/✯◡✯\m/What's soft, squishy and Rockin' as hell? \m/✯◡✯\m/

Sooo, I was supposed to do this post about three days ago....but I was lazy and seriously lacked the energy to >~<.

I thought anyone who liked anything about anime and J-rock knew what a plushie was, but one of my twitter friends actually had no idea. It was so cute ^_^. I was like, "If u had to make a Ruki animal plushie what animal would you choose?" And she was like, "...erm...whats a plushie." X3 so off I went to find her an awesome example of a plushie, and explain to her what it was. Because we were talking about Ruki (the Gazette) I looked for Gazette plushies and I found this adorable Uruha plushie of him in his shiny purple short shorts ≧ω≦.

 Its suuuu adorable ≧ω≦I wants it.
I really wanted to find an Aoi plushie after this but I couldn't (╥﹏╥), I did however, find this one of Ruki in his red suit from Cockroach ٩(×̯×)۶
And I found a set of miniature sized Gazette plushies of the whole band.
 Of course after finding Gazette plushies I HAD to go look for Sadie ones, but alas....no luck ಥ_ಥ, thought I did find a lot of Hide plushies like this one, and this one of An Cafe's Bou (who by now it should be clear that I adore).

 Finally, I found a bunch of SHINee plushies that are all suu cute.
SHINee Miniatures

The links to these plushies and others that I found can be gotten on my We Heart It account which is also in the  right sidebar here --->

Ja ne! ♥

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  1. i got one of my besties the cutest Kenshin plushie a few Christmases back ^-^

    plushies are awesome <3