Thursday, October 13, 2011

(ノ-o-)ノ Go Ahead. Make My Day (・_・)

The new chapter of Tower of God came out today, and I stumbled upon the most epic shootout ever XD.
(ps. click it ^)

This, is probably exactly how a shootout with me in it would go....think I'd be the dude on the left...cuz he's taller XD. The other dude would be my bbf cuz she's just as bad as I am x3. Haven't read the manhwa yet, but I shall do it nao..ish. It's a pretty cool and original storyline 'Tower of God' this is what I moved onto when 'Trace' ended. Of course it's nowhere near as awesome Trace was, but it'll do.

Today I'm worried about a number of things, but the biggest thing bugging me right now is the knowledge of 'Harajuku Barbie' >_> properly known as Nicki Minaj...or however the hellz she spells her name. What worries me is her growing interest in japan, and her soiling of everything I love. She has twisted concepts of japan, belongs to a world completely different from harajuku and everything it stands for, and it scares me to no end when I picture her weaseling into J-rock category fashion, and then sticking it randomly in her hip-hop songs and music videos. y_y I really need her to stay away. *protects images of aki-sama* must protect visual kei's innocence. I pray the day never comes when a J-rock band stoops so low as to do a collab with someone like her. JYJ..formerly part of TVXQ/DBSK (One of my favourite, most loved K-pop bands) already stepped into forbidden territory by doing a collab with....Kanye.........West *grimaces*

I still love them, and their other new songs are pretty good, but this aches my soul. T~T. I refuse to watch the entire video or listen to the entire song...I skip to the part after kanye ^3^ then I enjoy it muahahaha. I'm hoping I don't have to see anymore such developments, if only I'd be so lucky ~, but at the very least please, pleaaaaaaase, let J-rock remain sacred.

Well I think that's enough ranting in one sitting...>//< will spam stuffs again soon :)

Ja ne!

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