Friday, October 14, 2011

乂⍲‿⍲乂 Fashion Fridays: Ribbons and Bows 乂⍲‿⍲乂

I spent my free time today eye-shopping for clothes that, as usual, I can't afford. This might seem a little weird, but for me it's awesome fun. I love looking at cool styles, designs and fashion as much as I love wearing them (≧◡≦). While I do wear alot of different stlye of clothings, my number 1 loves are goth, punk and visual kei. I typically spend a huge amount of time hording pictures of J-rockers in their awesomely creative outfits. ✯◡✯.
PaRADEiS - Mashiro (Vo)
 Today the focuses of my random web searching were styles with bows and ribbons, I did make some awesome unrelated finds, but those will be reserved for my next fashion friday post. I started out looking for cute casual tops and dresses and stumbled upon these

Tokyo Fashion Bowknot Woolens Top

Japanese Style Bowknot Belt Uniform

on Cutie Code. They have a ton of really cute casual outfits...but they're pretty darn expensive >3>. A better site I found for more affordable casual clothes, is Wholesale and they have a number of cute items too and a wider variety of categories. So like I said...I started out looking at casual clothes, but somewhere along the line I slipped over into dresses....

Ribbons Embellished Strap Layered Dress White

and from dresses, into lolita fashion, and I came accross this adorable item ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

I really love this dress because it's one of the simple3r lolita dresses I've found, and I can easily get away with wearing it outside of a cosplay setting. Of course, after finding such an adorable dress I traipsed off in search of items that can go with it. I found a number of awesome accessories including this leg warmer and glove pair from Fantazia
 And these cute Heel Pink Lace Tie Scalloped Bow PU Lolita Boots, from Lolita Dress Shop.
This squeal worthy Death of Dahlia choker and equally gasm worthy wrist cuffs. And yes, I will reveal the site where I found them...eventually (◕‿-).

And finally, after hopping all over the net I came back to actual clothes and fell right into a veritable gold mine of clothes! They are really pricey, but I SWEAR I will save up and buy some of them. My favourite so far is this v-kei skirt. I love it love it love it love it soooooo freaking much >///<.
This skirt, from Attitude Clothing is right up there on my very long, very elaborate wishlist :3. And my new favorite brand is Dead Threads XD.

That's about it for today's fashion surfing, but there'll be more again next week!...Probably....unless I'm swamped with school work.


Ja ne! ♥

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  1. i dont know where to start commenting on the awesome O.O! second third and forth pic my fav especially second <3