Friday, October 21, 2011

☜☆☞ ◕ ‿ ◕ \m/ Fashion Fridays: Chains and Straps \m/ ◕ ‿ ◕ ☜☆☞

It's been a really tough week for me, and it'll continue to be tough for a while...but I wanna continue with my blog posts and sharing the things that can help me cheer up. Today's J-rock tidbit is....*drumroll*
Versailles - Kamijo ✖‿✖

This week's theme is chains and straps.  I wanna share some awesome chain themed items and strappy items I found that I really like.

I spent most of the morning browsing Attitude Clothing. They didn't have much chain clothes, but I did find some that I liked, and they had a number of strappy items as well.
This is the best dress I found there.
Dead Threads - Graffiti Dress
Poizen Industries - Maze Vest
I also found this maze vest. I like the buckle straps that go up the sides, although it may seem like there's a bit too much going on in it, what with the staps, lace and criss-cross ribbon. I like the theme, but overall i think I don't like the relationship between the  side straps and the corset ribbon.

In the picture below I love the top, but as far as straps go, what I like are her arm sleeves.
If this was in last week's post on ribbons I would emphasize the top design more. As it is l love this overall combination, pants included. This corset, lace and straps combination fits together better than the Maze Vest.

Poizen Industries - Frill Top
These pants (Living Dead Souls - Blitz Pants) I love because from the moment I saw them I thought 'Reita'. I've dubbed them Reita Pants ٩(×̯×)۶ . I also really like the second pair on the right (Poizen Industries - Korse Pants).

And here are shoes that would go great with all of these clothes; Iron Fist - Sweet Skull O Mine Booties and Demonia - Crypto 315 Boots.

As far as chains go, I stumbled onto a site that had an interesting concept. Instead of tops with chains integrated in there make up, these are body harnesses that can be put on with any top that you want to spruce up or punk out. These are from Decarabia.
Industrial Angel
And from the creator of these, here are two more awesome bracelets. Personally I prefer the Charnel cuffs because for accessories I prefer a mixture of chains over anything else.
Gothic Lolita Cuff

Charnel House Cuff
And these accessories are from attitude clothing, Alchemy Gothic - Mortal Remains Earring, Zacharia - Handcuff & Gun Necklace and Poizen Industries - Buckle Sleeves.

Finally, these are some cool slave rings that I found some months ago. When I remember where I found them I'll put the link in the 'Procrastinate' section (right sidebar).

That's all for nao. I'll end with a token picture of Aki-sama. Til next time ~

Ja Ne! ♥

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